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The hotel Miranda is not just a hotel, it is a mythical place, a world in itself with own stories and legends.

Alain de Borghrave -

The work and the contribution of Miranda Sofianou has been recognized the high quality of the cultural, artistic, musical and literary events that took place and are still taking place in the superb rooms of the hotel, have made their mark and left sweet memories.

Angelos Kotronis - Mayor of Hydra (February, 23, 2011)

In the garden of the hotel “Miranda”, the well-known “Yard of Miracles”. It is already past midnight and I`m sitting under the orange tree, engulfed in the fragrance of the jasmines, unbearably fatigued form the ugliness of the times and the of people, am chiseling away at my time, trying to convince myself to see the unexpected antithesis, to live the miracle

Dina Adamopoulou - Director, Museum of Hydra, July 2009